17 March 2016

Old order doth not changeth…

Three years back almost to the day, I had written the following post. Today, I experienced it all over again. Coincidentally, it is 5:30 am today too!! Maybe – maybe sometimes we can bottle up the good times and relive it again…

Here’s to the future!!!

March 25, 2013:

Best part of every day while in India. It is 5:30 in the morning – dad and I are sitting outside. Completely drowned in what seems like a million birds tweeting. Beautiful mellifluous sounds – especially the cuckoos. The rude noises of the world waking up – the train’s horn in the distance, the launch’s hoot from the Ganges and the clanking of cars in great need of maintenance are yet to set in.
The pre-dawn light is barely glimmering thru what promises to be a foggy morning and the light wind from the river is gently wafting by.

Dad and I have been sitting here for over an hour sipping multiple cups of tea. Hardly any words are being spoken – yet volumes are being communicated.

If only these moments could be bottled up and replayed at will in life.

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