12 March 2016

Fourth and final order of business…

Arguably a great part for me… made a couple of cocktails with vodka, mango juice and some spices.

Opted to drink in my sister’s house instead of climbing the terrace to avoid my parents walking in. It is pretty hot outside. We did lock my sister’s house from the inside.

After an hour, my brother abruptly left us and went upstairs. Apparently to try to see if he could change my dad’s mind about not going for a quick getaway with all family members. He came back and declared “He just won’t go.”. Meanwhile the nephews and niece started making a case that the getaway was for them too – not just their grandparents.

I am kind of easy on the semantics of these kind of things. I believe I have signed up to take my nephews and niece on a 2-day vacation – with or without the grandparents…


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