11 March 2016

Once more… parentward ho!

Back on flights to go to India to check on the parents. Except that this time, the parents have completely upset my carefully laid out plans. I had booked a resort to take my parents to – together with my siblings. I was hoping to get the whole family together in a relaxed environment for a few days – you know my mom would not have to worry about what I was going to eat next and all that …

At the last moment, my dad has decided that he does not want to make the trip. Worse, my mom’s condition has flared up. In a bitter irony, my trips to see her makes her happy but at the same time, the self induced stress (you know – what is my son going to eat next and all that đŸ™‚ ) flares her psychiatric condition up making it somewhat difficult for her and everybody around her. (Usually the stress wears off as the day progresses – evenings are the best time for her).

In any case, now I am stuck with a couple of extra days in India. My usual 3 day trip is almost double this time.

I am sure I will dig up a few more friends from my yesteryears but I think this time I am going to put extra priority to spend time with the parents of the friends I grew up with. I think I will be able to see my friends a few more times. I am less confident of their parents. I will take this opportunity to say Thanks for whatever way they might have influenced me when I was much younger.

Once I am done Facetiming the family from the plane, it would be time to start making a list and make a few phone calls when on the ground…


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