10 March 2016

We will miss Nicole!

You know you are a regular at a bar when after you settle down in a chair, nobody even bothers to ask you “The usual, sir?”. There are a few such bars in Atlanta for me. And I tend to go there on the days a particular bartender of that bar would be there. Over the years, I have narrowed down my field of favorite bartenders based on their ability to make my most favorite drink – An Old Fashioned. I usually won’t do more than one cocktail an evening – but that is usually my cocktail – after which I switch to very light red wine (mostly Pinot Noir).

Well, this week was the last day of such a favorite bartender of mine. Nicole is moving to a bar closer to her house to be able to take more care of their two small and cute kids. We will still go to The Crossing after office but we are going to miss her much.

Here is a twist to our last visit to the bar to say Goodbye to her… Instead of we giving her going away gifts, she had brought gifts for her regular customers!!!


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  1. By Hal Boyd on

    You need to come my Pub and try mine. Made with Hal-A-Lou-Ya Rich Spiced Cocktail syrup. Oh yea! Promise it is the best one you have ever had.

    1. By Rajib Roy on

      Nanette, I am on my way to India – that is why we went on Wednesday to say good bye. And yes, we missed you again! Funny part, we asked Nicole after you …


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