28 February 2016

Poem by Dagh Dehalvi

Also known as Nawab Mirza Khan, Dagh was a nineteenth century Urdu poet from India. This was beautifully sung by none other than Ghulam Ali.

“Tumhare khath mein naya ek salaam kiska tha,
Na tha raqeeb to aakhir woh nam kis ka tha?
Na pooch-paach thi kisi ki na aao-bhagat,
Tumhari bazm mein kal ehtamam kis ka tha?”

Roughly translated (as always, improvements welcome)

“Whose was the new greetings from – in your letter to me
If not a rival, then whose name was it?
There were no invitation; neither was there any gathering,
Then who was being celebrated in your company?”


Posted February 28, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Music/Poetry


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