27 February 2016

Melancholic words from Kaifi Azmi

Kaifi Azmi was a twentieth century poet from India. Most of my Indian friends would probably recognize him as the dad of the Bollywood actress Shabana Azmi. The following couplets are from one of his early poems starting “Tum itna kyon muskra rahe ho” – made memorable in Jagjit Singh’s voice.

“Jin zakhmon ko waqt bhar chala hai
Tum kyon unhe chhede ja rahe ho?
Rekhaon ka khel hai muqaddar
Rekhaon se maat kha rahe ho”

Roughly translated….

Those scabs of wounds that time has started healing
Why do you keep picking on them?
This is a game against your lines*
And you are losing against those lines

* lines refer to the lines on your palm meaning “fate”

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Not a movie buff but I believe you are right… with Smita Patil – and this was around the time she passed away (Smita, that is), I think

  2. By Rajashree on

    It was the director Mahesh Bhat’s real life story shown on screen. He never look back after that.

  3. By Shoma Chakraborty on

    How’s this …

    Those wounds that time has started healing,
    Why do you keep picking at them?
    “Fate is just a play of the lines
    And you’re losing the battle against them”

    A beautiful ghazal indeed.

  4. By Rajashree on

    Reminds me of a line from Ghalib , as we are talking about fate and lines .

    Haaton ki lakeeron pe mat jaa Ghalib,
    Takdeer unke bhi hai jinke haath nahi hai.

    Translated as ” Don’t go by the fine lines of your palm,
    People without hands also have their own destiny.”


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