14 February 2016

The making of a cocktail…

The four stages of making a good cocktail…
a. Getting the right portions of the right ingredients.
b. The proper shake (or stirring or layering)
c. The preparing and decoration of the garnishing
d. The taking of the picture.

Well, actually, the fourth step is “drinking”. But for my blog, I throw in the Step “d”.

Speaking of taking pictures, if you have ever wondered how I take those pictures with perfect black background and drink color, here is what I do. I got a yard of smooth black velvet fabric (about $5) from Joann Fabric. I throw that on our dryer. (Well, the dryer part is not mandatory. Since I have to share Sharmila’s laundry for my bar space, it is convenient for me). Important thing is to just “throw the fabric” – meaning no creases or edges. Then I take the picture and crop out the part I do not need.


Posted February 14, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Cocktails

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