14 February 2016

Some fears transcend national boundaries

Today is Saraswati Pujo in India. This is when we celebrate the Goddess of education (knowledge) and music. I also call it the Bengali Valentine’s day but that is a completely different topic to be discussed another day.

A common practice during Saraswati Pujo is to submit some of your text books or pens and pencils to the idol during the day of worship. The convention among us was to put in the text books of the subjects we feared the most of failing – hoping Goddess Saraswati will see us thru in the tests.

Today, as I took a picture at the end of the day when all the decorations were coming down in our local Saraswati Pujo in Atlanta, I could not help notice the number AP Calculus text books next to the idol (watch carefully next to the swan) 🙂


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