14 February 2016

Nikispeak: Nasty Look

Came home after the run and sat down for breakfast next to Nikita who was finishing up. Since she is the queen of procrastination, I tried to get her a jump start on her weekend work…

Me: How much homework do you have this weekend?
She: A lot
Me: Have you made a schedule?
She: No
Me: Why are you sitting here? Should you not get started on your work?
She: I don’t feel like it
Me: (sarcastically) Well, at least schedule in one hour tomorrow evening for crying since you will have unfinished homework.
She: (even more sarcastically) I would give you a nasty look right now but you already have one!

I went back to my breakfast, having been squarely beaten in my game of sarcasm!!

Posted February 14, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor", "My Family


  1. By Stephen Hunter on

    As fathers we endeavor to survive our daughters. It gets better. They get boyfriends who we can then despise and blame for turning our little angel into the female teenage enigma that we can never win at with sarcasm. Enjoy the moment.


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