8 February 2016

Early morning reflections…

Did not exactly sit down lost in deep Thoreau-esque reflections. Instead ran up and down along the river for a few miles …


Posted February 8, 2016 by Rajib Roy in category "Images", "Running


  1. By Amitesh Mukherjee on

    Posting Sharmila’s painting again as your morning shot ? But I can imagine how such paintings can be inspiration to run up and down along the river.

  2. By Rajib Roy on

    Chattahoochee was very beautiful today, Amitesh. The water was very fast flowing and water was to the brim. I assume LAke Lanier has released more water with all the overflowing rains…

    1. By Amitesh Mukherjee on

      I would not know. I must have been sleeping at that time :-). But good to see in picture, at least. Looks beautiful. When is Mrs. Painter turning this into a work of art ?

  3. By Rajib Roy on

    Bhowmic-miss, with all humility, I am not that unusual. The only “unusual”ness is that I recognized mortality at a very early age (39 to be precise). Once the realization dawned that I have finite amount of time left, prioritization was easy. Suddenly excessive work, money, materialistic things paled into comparison compared to just being happy that I woke up one more morning, that I could sit by flowing river, that I could drive my daughter to school (though she listened to songs all the time – that was okay – I know someday she will drive too and wont sit next to me to go to school)…
    At the end of the day, wasn’t this actualization of life as a human being what you were trying to teach us all the time as a teacher!! Maybe I finally managed to learn it – probably late but not too late, I would like to believe.

    1. By Avijit Bose on

      Tui to choto thekei osadharon as Miss mentioned. Tai sadharon kake bole na boja ri kotha. Anyway Miss jeta bolche setai thik.

  4. By Suman Das on

    Even realisation at the age of 39, whatever the reason might be, is inspirational and achievement by itself Rajib. People spend whole life searching for it. But yes, I do believe you can be happy if you want to. Keep going same way. We all wish this happiness virus of yours is infectious

  5. By Rajib Roy on

    I still have not gotten over the incident Suman, where in a small resort way out of Kolkata towards Diamond Harbour, I was laying down by the pool and woke up to turn on my other side – and in that couple of seconds that I had my eyes open, I thought somebody go by who I had a flash back on!! Not very sure, I called up the number of the guy I thought I saw. Moment I saw you fishing for your phone in your pocket, I realized that it was indeed you!! What is the chance of that????

  6. By Suman Das on

    Considering all odds and parameter, the calculation of probability would have been in decimal. That’s when we define it “once in a blue moon”. But I would like to believe “it’s life”!!! Surprises in all corners

  7. By Deb Roy on

    Rajib we are all doing this “personal discovery” give or take 10-15 years. “Late” is a relative term.


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