30 November 2015

No thank you! I am not going to post that.

This Thanksgiving, I have been somewhat overwhelmed by a lot of of FB friends posting a standard body of text that basically reminds all of us about the less fortunate among us. And as a measure of support, the posts want me to copy and paste the same post on my FB page for an hour.

I absolutely respect everybody’s right to express their opinions and emotions in their own way, provided it is not meant to harm anybody. And if cutting and pasting a standard body of text for an hour gives anybody a sense of standing in solidarity with the less fortunate, I say “Go for it”. Any thought counts.

However, if you could spare a second to think for a moment more, maybe there is a more effective way of turning your compassion into something that is a little more meaningful? Does seeing your cut and paste text really make any difference to the less fortunate ones? Assuming they are trolling your FB pages to catch the text within the hour that it is posted? Is that even the way they want to be recognized by others?

Again, if that is what gives anybody the sense  of accomplishment or compassion or expression of the same, then do it. Drop that “I will understand if I do not see your name” part, though. That is too patronizing.

It appears to me that there are more meaningful ways to show the same compassion. I am sure you know somebody less fortunate. Somebody whose parents passed away recently. Somebody who lost a child. Somebody who is having difficulty making ends meet. Somebody who is struggling with health issues…. Why not log off that FB and call one of them up? Talk to them for ten minutes. Visit them if you can. Find out how are they doing. Everybody has a story. Bring it out.

And then, if you wish, write on FB about the call and the story. Now that is a post I am going share and put on my FB page. Forget one hour. I am not ever bringing that post down.

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  1. By Irene Sutton on

    well said, I would also like to add that I am against any form of bullying and always feel slightly bullied by these posts especially when they say things such as ‘I know some of you don’t care…’ etc.

  2. By Vicky Ruffin Cupit on

    I guess since everyone doesn’t have a huge family that lives within a few miles of their homes during the holiday season I sometimes get a little peeved about all the fabulous decorating and dining boasts. I agree with you RR, we should try to spread more kindness and joy around and take the time to stop and realize that someone may have lost family, homes, jobs, and other important life opportunities and are not able to post and boast about how great their lives are. Saying that, and ending a sentence in a bad way, I belong to a couple of groups here in our community that give back to as many as we can all year. I too, do not cut and paste, and I too, am a little offended by the Merry Christmas rants, coffee cup police, etc.


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