21 November 2015

Staying above the fray. Staying Alive :-)

Sharmila bailed out on me for the coffee we were supposed to have had after I completed my run. Apparently there was a mom-daughter moment going on at home. Somebody, evidently, has not kept track of the money she has been spending and so there is an “animated” discussion going on between mom and daughter to resolve that. Of course, when I say a teenager and her mom are trying to resolve it, this is not your run of the mill diplomatic exchange of words. This is more like hand to hand combat.

I extended my coffee break and came back home later. It is not like I was afraid of getting caught in the crossfire. I was mortally afraid of getting killed by the irony of the situation 🙂

Posted November 21, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "My Family


  1. By Roger Whitney on

    Many more to come. Smart man, extending your coffee. You “helping” is a no win situation. Whenever I forget this fact, I just look at my scares to remind me.


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