20 November 2015

This is why I love going to office…

Those long meetings and intense debates become so much more enjoyable because of the sharp wit and sense of humor that accompanies them. This week, good old Bob Hickey (you may recollect me mentioning him in other prior posts) had a really funny one.

The discussion was about Scranton, PA. Forget why we were discussing that place in the context of business – there was a very good reason. (Incidentally, I understand Newt Gingrich was born there). In any case, Bob, who also lives in PA (near Philadelphia) was trying to impress upon us how remote Scranton is.

He put on a falsetto of an announcer’s voice and announced – “First prize winner of the lottery gets one week in Scranton”. We were all looking at him quizzically when he came with the rejoinder – “Second prize gets two weeks in Scranton” 🙂

We had to adjourn our meetings for five minutes to let all the laughter settle down in the room!!

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