14 November 2015

Friday music session…

“Mast nazron se Allah bachaaye,
Maah-jamaalon se Allah bachaaye

Har balaa sar pe aa jaaye lekin,
Husn-vaalon se Allah bachaaye

In kii masumiyat par na jaanaa,
In ke dhoke mein hargiz na aana
Loot lete hain ye muskuraa kar,
In kii chaalon se Allah bachaaye”

(Original poet: Nasir Iqbal Maikash)

Roughly translated (as always, improvements more than welcome)

“O God save us from those intoxicated glances!
O God save us from those who look as beautiful as the moon!
Inflict any affliction upon us, but
O God save us from those beautiful ones.

Don’t let their innocence fool you
Don’t ever fall in their trap
They will rob you even as they smile
O God save us from their spells”


Posted November 14, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Music/Poetry

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