1 November 2015

Suddenly, upon a fence…

I was cleaning the pool in the rain when I thought I saw something unique fallen on the fence. I assumed it was a small branch that had fallen off a tree in the high winds. But it was the colors that got my attention. Once I walked up to it, I realized that it was a single strand of a creeper – I believe it is called a wild grape creeper – hugging onto the fence.

I cannot think of a better microcosm of Mother Nature’s glorious change of colors. We have all seen the beauty of tall trees changing colors – but note how this single strand has all the changing colors – going from green in the top to the bright red in the bottom.

Apologize for the quality of the shot – it was raining and I needed to quickly get a couple of shots in my iPhone before water got into the phone.



Posted November 1, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Images

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