19 October 2015

Durga Puja Primer

Today is “Mahasasthhi” – the kickoff of the biggest festival for Bengalis – Durga Puja. For my American friends who might land up in such a Puja with some Bengali friend of theirs – I have compiled a ready reckoner to understand the various aspects of our Durga Puja.

“SAREE”: Nine yard of colorful cloth commonly used by Bengali women to wrap their husbands/boy-friends around their fingers. One of the rare objects known to exhibit three different properties at the same time – (*) Pauli’s Exclusion Principle – No Bengali woman shall ever be seen wearing the same saree twice, provided the audience remains constant (*) Lavoisier’s Law of Conservation of Mass – Pauli’s principle notwithstanding, no saree, even if it has no chance of ever being used again shall be evicted from its rightful place in the closet and (*) Associative Property of Value – Ceteris Paribus, a saree carries no value unless accompanied by innumerable accoutrements.

“6 PM” : See “9 PM”

“PANDAL”: also known as “Mandap”. Refers to the geospatial location – invariably a high school – where all the Bengalis congregate. The exact choice of high school is delicate in so far as it has to be at least twenty miles away from the nearest Bengali inhabitant. Such a location must have an auditorium for the really important part of Puja to start at “6 PM”.

“PARKING LOT”. This is a regional definition – valid only for the Puja I go to. This refers to any place that can fit a car that is outside the four walls of “Pandal”. We might drive for fifty miles to go to our “Pandal” but there is no way in God’s errr…. DurgaMa’s green earth that we will walk a few steps. Especially if we are in our “Sarees”. So if you see a lot of cars standing next to each other with nary a space to open the door and blocking all access to emergency vehicles, then you know you have reached our “Parking Lot”

“9 PM” : This is when all programs scheduled to start at 6 PM, 7 PM or 8PM start. There is a reason, “eeesh” is part of the Bengali dialect. For example, we start at “9-eeesh”!

“STAGE” : Where all Bengalis will get up to demonstrate their talents. (which admittedly they have a lot of). Also refer to “Auditorium Seats”.

“PHONE”: Curious looking device in every Bengali’s hand. Also considered an accoutrement for “Saree”. Originally used to make phone calls, was later used to take pictures of Ma Durga. With the advent of the front camera, it is used solely to take selfies. With the “Sarees”, of course.
“SELFIE QUEEN”: That lady going around like the Statue of Liberty all the time. Works best with “Phone”!

“BARS”: This is used to mention the strength of the cellular connectivity. Its original purpose to make reliable calls has been abrogated to today’s single minded determination to upload the selfies to Facebook.

“AUDITORIUM SEATS”: Chair like structures in the gallery used to prop up video cameras on tripods. The purported audience, meanwhile, are all onstage!

“AASCHHEY BOCHHOR AABAR HOBEY”: When the next edition of this primer will be published.

“BOLO BOLO DURGA MAI KI… JAI”: Salutation to end any primer when you have nothing more to add.

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Bidisha, upon re-reading, my personal favorite is 6 PM. Nothing can possibly describe a Bengalis scorn for punctuality in so few letters 🙂

  2. By Ranajoy Ganguli on

    Nice !!! But you forgot one more aspect. The ubiquitous men and women named “committee members” and “volunteers” (aspiring to be committee members next year)who run around like headless chickens flaunting their “badges” and looking more busy than they are. This is their moment to show that “I am keu keda”(who is who) with a “things-would-have-come-to-a-grinding-halt-had-it-not-been-for-me” expression on their faces.:-)

  3. By Keya Banerjee on

    Some differences for northern states- no outdoor “mandap”. It is already cold here. Also now booking ” middle schools” here as all bengali associations are running out of high schools in the area as the high schools are tired of the nuisance they create (and dhunor gondho) and not letting them reserve.

  4. By Rajib Roy on

    Baishali, amaar sorbosakulley goto kuri bochhorer pujoy shunnota jama kapor hoyecche. Ami ekhono half pant ba jeans porey pujoy jai. Amar jama kaporer byaparey ekta philosophy aachhe – jeta onno karo saathey meley na.

    1. By Baishali Chakraborty on

      Amra proti bochor natun jama kenar pore pujor age & winter e Ager bochorer prai natun thaka dress gulo local poor people der madhye diye die. ar ekti chele/meye ke boi kenar taka dye. Debasish or porichito kono garib manush ke Govt treatment free/kom takate karanor jonnyo recomend kore dei. Choto belate Tapurtupur bolto amar bapike “Vodadu we r paropokari” 🙂


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