11 October 2015

From the bartender’s corner – Basil’s bite

This has Aperol, Gin, Bitters and muddled basil leaves with more basil leaves as garnish.

Now before you become too judgmental and point out that this is not really the right time of the year to make basil based drinks, may I point out that our basil plant is dying with the advent of cooler weather and the last few basil leaves are left?

Those among you who have a penchant for Bengali literature would recognize my predicament to be akin to that of the spy from Lord Rama’s camp in Sukumar Ray’s play “Lakshman-er Shaktishel”. When asked by Lord Rama to describe what happened the whole day in detail – ostensibly in Ravana’s camp – he started with a mea culpa of having eaten pumpkin gourd in the morning although it was forbidden by the almanac. His simple excuse was that the pumpkin was starting to rot!!

I have attached those lines in the pic in case you wanted your memory jogged…


Posted October 11, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Cocktails

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