7 October 2015

Another DC trail run

Woke up at nearly 4 AM to catch a very early morning flight to DC. By the time I landed, frankly, I was yet to wake up 🙂 It definitely did not help think thru a gnarly business related challenge I was trying to figure out how to navigate. Fortunately, there was time between landing and the first meeting. Changed clothes at the airport and put in a quick 5K at Rock Creek Trail before taking a shower and showing up for the meeting. I was not only awakened, I also knew what to do with the business problem I was dealing with. 
It is amazing how focused your mind becomes once you hit a lonely trail where you are ever aware of a root in the ground that can trip you up or a darting squirrel that can frighten the bejeezus out of you…

Posted October 7, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Running


  1. By Anuradha Malik Suri on

    Wow! And you had colour coordinated gear this time as well..hope I reach this level of comfort in running so I can walk out and into business meetings thereafter..hard off


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