6 September 2015

One more time… India bound…

This morning, Facebook helpfully showed my posts from this day in previous years. Guess what I was doing last year on this day? I was headed out to India to check on my parents. And my in-laws who were visiting us (remember those FIL-MIL Mehfil posts? 🙂 ) were returning together with me. In a pure coincidence, exactly a year after, to the day, I am headed back again to see my parents.

This trip is going to be different… First and foremost, my dad is in a much better shape than what I saw him in three months back. That should be good. Second, however, I have a day’s worth of work in Delhi. This is uncommon for me to get distracted by work when I am in India to spend time with my parents. So, I will have one less day with my parents this time. Third, and this is a little painful, my brother will not accompany me for most of the trip. It is extremely rare for us not to be together every single day when I am in India. But this time he is stuck with his kids’ exams. Which means I won’t be seeing the nephews much either. Most of all, I will miss those road trips with my brother – he, with his steering wheel and me with my Google maps!!

There are some possibilities of creating intersection points still though. Some of the ones I am planning include visiting a classmate of mine from elementary school who used to be the class topper, a few more classmates from middle school that I have not seen in over thirty years, perhaps the mom of my best friend from high school days…

First I have to get past hours and hours and hours of flight to get to India though 🙂

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  1. By Geeta Bhandari on

    Rajib, wishing You a safe & pleasant trip. May each of your intersection points be noteworthy! Look forward to reading those wonderful narrations.

  2. By Biplab Dey on

    Safe journey, Rajib, and welcome to motherland. Its good to know that Kaku is recovering fast. Good luck to him. And of course, lastly, looking forward to see all those snaps reminding the school days pranks.


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