5 September 2015

In defense of minimalism…

“Jeb mein chillarewaalo –
Woh to baarish mein khule aam maaza loot-tey hain
Aur mutthi mein rupaiyawaalo –
Woh zindagi bhar panaha dhoondtey rahein”


“Those who had only coins in their pockets
Went out and enjoyed themselves getting wet in the rains
And those with a lot of notes (bills) in their fists
Kept running for shelters all their lives”

This is a reflection on how people of little means often truly enjoy the free bounties of this beautiful earth and those with a lot of belongings spend all their lives protecting and sheltering them – mostly to realize that they cannot take their much protected wealth in their eventual journey.

Posted September 5, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Musings


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