5 August 2015

Don’t believe the “neigh”sayers

Horses travel much better than we do!!! You have to come to Lexington – one of my most favorite small places in USA – to see a big Boeing converted to essentially a barn!! What is the difference between the first class and coach class, I will never know.
The horses often fly to and from the other end of the world – e.g. Saudi Arabia. This one, I am sure is headed to “Philly” 🙂
You see the extra rudder in the plane? You know why? To keep the plane “stable” 🙂 Evidently, this plane packs a little more “horsepower” than most similar planes 🙂
Ok, enough of terrible puns for one morning 🙂


Posted August 5, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor

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