2 August 2015

The elevator does not go to my room?

This week I was in Philly for a couple of days and stayed at the Marriott next to the airport. My flight was delayed late at night and I was consequently very tired when I checked in. The lady gave me my room keys and wrote down “1240” for my room number on the card and pointed me to the elevator.

Off I went to the elevator. Pressed the 12th floor button and started reading the helpful directory. Much to my chagrin, all floors seemed to have the 39th room as the last room. There was no 1240! Quite sure that the lady had made a mistake in writing the room number, I was wondering whether to go down and get the new room number. But I was too tired – so I figured I was going to give it a shot and then call downstairs from my phone or one of those floor phones next to the elevators many hotels have.

I am glad I did because there sure was a 1240 (and more after that) and my key worked fine. Next day, just to be sure, when I went to the Concierge Lounge (15th floor), I went and checked – there was a 1540 – and actually a few more rooms after that. But the elevator would not let you believe so!

Strange!! The hotel did not look like it had been extended lately – or in a long time for that matter. However, I completely forgot to ask the hotel folks the next day! I guess I have to wait till the next time…


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  1. By QSI Support on

    The directory lists a range of room numbers for floors four through fourteen, with a maximum room number of 1439 and minimum room number of 400. Room 1240 falls within this range, therefore the hotel sign is correct and you probably don’t need to ask them about it the next time you visit. Thanks for the riddle!


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