2 August 2015

Second 5 miles with Chalupa group

Since one good run deserves another, after running and having Starbucks with Natasha, went to join our Sunday Chalupa group for another 5 miles. It was Sharmila, Malobika and her two daughters. The rest must be on vacation or enjoying the last weekend before school starts.

Here is an interesting coincidence. The guy who took our picture after the first run at the Starbucks where Natasha and I ran from this morning turned out to be actually a barista at the Starbucks that we went to after my second run!! I was getting ready to order when he came out from behind those coffee counters and asked “You put in another run?” I was of course “What are you doing here?” 🙂 That was some coincidence!!


Posted August 2, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Running

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