26 June 2015

Bobby Jindal is so white…

What do you mean Bobby Jindal has jumped into the fray? I thought #bobbyjindalissowhite, he cannot jump? πŸ™‚

[For those who did not get it, Gooogle #bobbyjindalissowhite ]

Posted June 26, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


    1. By Ananda Rakhit on

      You vehemently disagree with him. That’s fine and there may be good reason. But why the invective? He is a Rhode Scholar and was President of the University of Louisiana system at age 28.

    2. By Sonali Ghosh Sanyal on

      I know all that fact that you mentioned!! I am in disagreement with Lindsey Graham and Jeb and rest of the clan too, but I will not call Jeb an idiot. In fact knowing all that he has done, hurts me says even more that he is an idiot!! If he was a scholar he won’t disagree with science. Both he and trump are idiots….. Different kind of idiots nevertheless idiots!! Did u see his statement after today’s Supreme Court ruling…… And did u hear Jeb ‘s statement. I will never vote for the GOP clan ever, but I will listen to Jeb with an open mind.

    3. By Ananda Rakhit on

      Obama said we have reached peak oil in 2010, i.e., US is running out of oil. U.S. oil production reached peaks within five years of that and there is no sign of running out of oil. Was he misinformed or was he an idiot? Invectives are never positive.

    4. By Sonali Ghosh Sanyal on

      I am sorry!! You don’t know me, but if you did you knew my life’s purpose!! I am the most positive person ……!! Dealt with lots and still dealing with lots….. Put my views in perspective!! Though I am listening to ur comments with an open mind, I disagree with you. The example you gave, is apples and oranges……. Not believing in climate change, or evolution or equal rights for all , women ‘s right to choose and misinformed about oil are not the same thing!! Keep church and state separate!! If he is a real scholar, he would know that!! Loving this discussion though!! I am politics junky, it is Bengali blood in me….. So, most welcome to carry on.

    5. By Ananda Rakhit on

      Oh being misinformed about oil is actually a bigger thing. You see only feudal lords and Kings had wealth and everyone else were really poor until coal and oil powered the industrial revolution creating wealth for the common person. All these rights issues were meaningless before that. Not knowing about energy resources could drive policies that will render everyone poorer and could make rights issues irrelevant. I mean if you don’t have food on the table … Not believing the safety of GMO food like many liberals do and shopping at whole foods where they sell snake oil that have not gone through double blind trials for efficacy are also anti-science. That’s comparable to evolution. Climate change is a complex topic. Not sure why the ordinary people will make changes when Al Gore lives in a 10000 sq ft house and flies a gas guzzling jet or why Obama hasn’t converted a Tesla as his car. See they all want you to change while they do what they want. Finally there is little Indian and everything American (pun intended) about gay rights or women’s rights or racial rights. Those are not practiced in India. Glad to see immigrants evolve out of those erstwhile Indian habits to become self-righteous.

    6. By Sonali Ghosh Sanyal on

      So! Yes! I am an immigrant and a proud on top of that!! I didn’t evolve to think the way I think!! You see you don’t know me, I grew up with 2 very strong parents, very liberal progressive thinking parents. They came from 2 different background met and broke many barriers. I was never told I can’t do anything because I am a girl. My dad was my best friend before I met my husband…… I know how to do oil change and fix electrical appliances from the time I was 12 yrs old. Rescuers 4 ppl in the valley of kedarnath!! So, my views about science, social issues were very much born from the time I was born India to man from a real poor man from a village in India and to a women from a metropolitan city. Some of other points you mentioned are not practical to discuss over trying, but there is a word called socioeconomic……!! Things need to be balanced and facts are facts!! No point Bringing God into it!!

    7. By Ananda Rakhit on

      I see this debate is going down the drain from being on substance or logic. I find that to be common whenever I debate a liberal. I immigrated to the U.S. 33 years ago with $22 and a suitcase and had to fight it out myself. So may be a different perspective though I do have the same Bengali blood as you. Not quite sure about the God issue you mention. Where do you see that? In any case we are not debating on substance any more so this is my last word. Have a nice day and good luck with your beliefs.

    8. By Sonali Ghosh Sanyal on

      Good luck with your beliefs too. Too sad that you find that there is no substance!! It is difficult to have open minded expressive debates over FB. Words get misinterpreted!!
      I can relate to you a little bit as my Meso came to this country 39 years ago and worked his way through!! I said the Bengali blood thing to add humor. As there is a saying ” banglir cha er age paper chai, rajnitir taste chai, nahole bhat hojom hobena!!” And I got God into it, because most the gop guys, give their arguments regarding social issues through God. I hope you get it. FYI, I do have conservative friends who are socially liberal but fiscally conservative and I have tons of fun talking to them.

    9. By Ananda Rakhit on

      I vote for who I think is right at the time. I don’t care about social issues except that some like low rates of marriage and lack of fathers are causing economic issues. So you know, the referendum to deny gay marriage in California passed because of African Americans. African Americans tend to be religious and consistently poll more against gay marriage than whites. I personally think it is guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

    10. By Sonali Ghosh Sanyal on

      Talk about substance in the talk, let’s do that!! When President Obama my #POTUS #Kicksass said about oil in 2010, he meant sustainable oil. It has peaked in production because of open market and fraking!! Now that is fact. Not caring about social issues, now that scared the &$&$…… Out of me!! That is just so dangerous…….!!

    11. By Ananda Rakhit on

      Rajib – you see liberals of Indian descent get away with saying whatever. It becomes jhogra when another perspective is presented.

    12. By Rajib Roy on

      Ananda, I certainly wish I knew a little less on this topic. That way, I could have argued more vociferously in a public forum πŸ™‚

    13. By Ananda Rakhit on

      Check he did not use the word sustainable. In any case, his EPA has totally supported fracking after much scientific analysis. People don’t want to believe in science.

    14. By Ananda Rakhit on

      I don’t care about social issues because Bill of Rights will take care of them like it did today. It is used by politicians to create wedges.

    15. By Sonali Ghosh Sanyal on

      Rajib Roy tui charle, you know you have a 2nd home in east coast to a socially liberals house!! Humorous jogra is always welcome!! Like tui ar ami kori!! But bapre bap!!

    16. By Sonali Ghosh Sanyal on

      Bill of rights and constitution and the founding fathers were and are the most liberal group of people and liberal text in the history. Based on that we came here and adopted this country. So, with combination of with that my DNA, I will remain a liberal and proud of that!!

    17. By Sonali Ghosh Sanyal on

      Rajib Roy ki boils …..We need to do fundraising to send him to Costa Rica. Where they have no Army, have govt run healthcare and education and they believe in preserving earth. And practices that in daily life.

    18. By Ananda Rakhit on

      I was in Costa Rica in April. They have no army because they have a treaty with the United States to protect them. They are living on our taxes!! I urge all liberals to voluntarily double their tax payment. We others don’t have to complain then that a lot of taxes are being stolen in Washington as politicians take their cut. There are better ways to help the poor. Like creating jobs. Welfare and giving away other people’s money have never lifted anyone from poverty. Anywhere. Capitalism and free markets have. Why do liberals hinge on extreme personalities instead of logic? Should they also examine statements made by Al Sharpton over the years?


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