19 June 2015

Random pictures from Italy… 3

This one was in Venice. I was waiting for friends and family to come back from their gondola ride when I struck up a conversation with this gentleman (Alessandro is his name). He is the manager of the hotel you see behind us. As I settled down for a glass of wine, I got to know the history of this gentleman. Born and brought up in Venice, he has fought his way into managing two different hotels in Venice. He explained how he found tourists from US to be the most polite in Venice (which, actually surprised me a little). He also said that US tourists tip better than any other tourists. (I suspect this is because US might be the only country where most service people are paid a small amount and depend on tips to make up the minimum wage or whatever wage they make???).

Alessandro was nice enough that after I paid for the wine, he arranged for free to and fro water taxi to Murano – on the house (for his hotel). All he wanted me to do his refer my friends to try out one of his two hotels in Venice some time.

So, here is to keeping a promise – if any one you ever visit Venice, let me know. I know the phone number of a really nice guy who can take care of your stay and arrange for free rides…


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