19 June 2015

Meeting Mrs. Roy!!!

After I was done laughing with Sharmila, Sonali and Paromita (see previous blog), I had the last piece of business for the day to take care of. I got to know Paromita when she was Nikita’s age today thru her brother – Partho – who was a year junior to me and we overlapped in two different schools (including our engineering school). Partho and I often played soccer together and practised music together in those days.

While in that engineering school, I had visited his house in Durgapur a couple of times. The last one of them was in 1988. That was the last time I saw his (and Paromita’s) mom – Mrs. Roy. We have talked to each other a couple of times over the phone ever since, but the last time I saw her was twenty seven years back. As it turns out, she is in New York now. So, I made the trek to Paromita’s condo to meet her mom!!

It was simply exhilarating to see Mrs. Roy after such a long time! We talked about some of my friends she knew from the past, some hilarious stories about Kaku (Mr. Roy, who, unfortunately is no more) – especially the one in Howrah station involving the “complaint register”, their old dog and my trusted old Vijay Deluxe!

I was thrilled to find out that she is keeping up with her creativity by writing articles, stories and poems. She was looking for a way to publish them. Unfortunately, it was past midnight when I finished up. But I promised to take an hour next time I am in NYC and help her set up her blogsite!!!

Till next time then, Mrs. Roy!!!


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