31 May 2015

Musical evening…

Awesome evening of Meeraj-e-Ghazal. Some unforgettable words from the poet Faiz Ahmad Faiz. One of the most renowned Urdu poets, he was considered four times for the Nobel Prize. Perfect rendition by Asha Bhonsle (and Ghulam Ali)

“Be-piya hoon ke, agar lutf karo, aakhir-e-shab
Sheesha-e-mai mein dhaley subah ke aaghaaz ka rang
Yun fazaa mehaki ke badla mere humraaz ka rang
Yun sajaa chaand ke jhalka tere andaaz ka rang”

Again, this has mix of words from Hindi and Urdu – none of which is my mother tongue. But here is a shot at a translation…

I have stayed off my drinks this evening. But if it pleases you, at the end of this night
The lovely colors of the early dawn will pour into this goblet of wine
The fragrance of the bloom is spreading as if you (my lover) have changed your colors
The moon is shining in its resplendence as if your style sparkled off it

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Unusually late for me. After the long run, I slept off for 3 hours in the afternoon đŸ™‚ Plus the ladies are out partying…

  2. By Rajib Roy on

    Bijit, trying to understand your point. These are two different poems by two different poets right? (Although this song is there in the same album. Was that your point?)

    1. By Bijit Bose on

      And very different in nature, but strung together by the great tunes from Ghulam Ali and wonderful rendition by Asha Bhonsle


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