27 May 2015

What was that again?

Here is an interesting piece of news that should make all oenophiles in the world throw up – apparently, good wine tastes like koala bear urine. You can read about it here: http://io9.com/good-wine-tastes-more-like-koala-urine-than-youd-think-1706588545

Who in this world sits in their lab and conjures up these experiments? Did somebody go – “I know. Here is a discovery idea that will revolutionize the world. I am going to taste all animal urine and see which one tastes most like wine!!”

And who funds these kind of experiments?

Can’t wait till Wine Spectator puts its rating on the new errrr… “Pee”no Grigio??? 🙂

Posted May 27, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Humor


  1. By Padma Parthasarathy on

    I think koalas have it made. They get to sleep all day, whenever they want a cuddly toy they just have to hug another koala, they don’t have to move too far to eat, they get dopey on their food, and their pee tastes like wine, so they can do Morarji-style therapy(which is aparently getting endorsed by research in the west) without batting an eyelid (which the don’t, very often, preferring to keep them closed).

  2. By Usha K Kent on

    My late husband was a wine expert. He used to tag me along to wine tastings, even though I had no idea about them. And there were these fraud free loaders for pre-launch wines. And make statements like “it tastes like cat’s piss”! I actually used to ask Keith “have they tasted cat’s piss, to make such a statement” – Ridiculous!


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