21 May 2015

We were not done waving each other good bye…

You might recollect how, this January, I had traced down Malabika – yet another classmate of mine who I had last seen exactly forty years back, thanks to some help and tips from two other friends – Subir and Suparna.

If you recollect a little further, you might remember that Malabika was able to place me purely due to my academic results in third grade. I felt real lucky that day that I would another chance to repeat our daily routine from those days – waving each other good bye from our school bus.

It was not exactly our school bus this time, but I did wave her good bye one more time from my brother’s car. After 40 years, I was able to physically see Malabika again! It was absolutely fantastic to see her and also very encouraging to realize how she has raised three great daughters (who I also met) as a single mom. Which is not very easy in the Indian context.

For all the old school mates, if you had any doubts, let me assure you that she still has that constant giggling and laughing intact!!!


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