18 March 2015

Early morning sun rays breaking thru the sky…

Taken during this morning’s run in midtown Atlanta. Reminds me of a great song by Amjad Sabri…

“Andhere Mein Dil Ke Chiragh-e-mohabbat
Yeh Kiss Ne Jalaya Savere Savere
Tasawwur Ke Suraj Ki Aik Aik Kiran Se
Naya Noor Paya Savere Savere
Lagan Jis Ke Dedar Ki Lag Rahi Thi
Qareeb Aur Aaya Savere Savere”

Roughly translated (with some assist from Qazi and Ritesh)…

“In the deep dark corners of my heart, who is this
Who lit the sparks of love, so early in the morning
This Sun of my own imagination – each and every ray of it
Has showered so much new light, so early in the morning
(She) who I have always persevered to feel near me
Suddenly has come very close to me, so early in the morning”



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