8 March 2015

From the bartender’s corner – Pink Lady

This drink is dedicated to Jayeeta Bose – my friend from Chennai days who I have not seen in over a quarter century. Yesterday, through FB, she requested that I make a pink drink today in deference to International Women’s Day. (By the way, that is how I found out today is so).

This is the classic version of the Pink Lady with gin, white of an egg and a few dashes of grenadine. The garnishing is inspired by a picture I saw while researching for a pink drink. This was one of the first popular “girly” drink. This was the drink of choice for high society ladies in the 1930s – just around the time when Moscow Mule (based on vodka) was snatching popularity from traditional drinks like whiskey among men. Over more than a century, various mixologists have come up with different versions of this drink with applejack, lemon juice, lemonade and so on.

Since Anastassia had asked me to rate drinks, I would say this is “sweet and smooth with occasional bite if you have too much”. Just like a woman, I guess πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ ha ha!!! Okay, okay, I am kidding. It is more of a martini taste without the edge of dry vermouth. And the slightest hint of the smell of an egg.


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  1. By Jayeeta Bose on

    Heyy… thank you sooo much Rajib Roy..What a bright colour it has!!The garnish looks delish too.Women sure need friends like u!!!

  2. By Jayeeta Bose on

    Will share this beautiful creation on my timeline wth ur permission for all the ladies to cherish on womens day!

  3. By Jayeeta Bose on

    Sir Ramesh Krishnan, Rajib Roy is my friend since his IIT M days n he used to come home for my mom’s bong food.I knew he was connected to you.


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