7 March 2015

Unwinding on a Friday evening…

… With a few classical qawwalies by the Sabri brothers from Pakistan.

A memorable sher from the “mukhra” of their song “Ab ke saal poonam mein”…

“Tujhse milke bhi dil ko na chain aa saka,
Tujhse milna bhi ik haadsa ho gaya;
Tu nahi tha to furqat ka gham tha mujhe;
Ab ye gham hai ki gham bemazaa ho gaya…”

Here is an attempt at translating it..

“Even after meeting you, my heart could not find any peace
Because meeting you created a whole new problem for me
Without you, I had the constant company of sorrows of separation
Now, with you, my sorrow is that all the fun of separation sorrows has been taken away from me”

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Malal Miriam, have you ever heard Amjad Sabri. I love his songs. How is he related – if at all – to the Sabri brothers?


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