19 February 2015

Totally earned some bragging rights

Thumbed our four small Bengali noses at the mighty cross that we, as a community, have to bear – “Thanda legey jaabey” (“thou shalt catch a cold”) and ran a 5K run at 5:45 AM in bone chilling cold weather. Before my Minnesota friends start yawning, let me assure you that -2F (that would be -19C for the rest of the civilized world that has figured out how to talk metric) with windchill is way too cold for us in Georgia. There is a reason we used to call this place Hotlanta!!

Amitesh, who usually never shows up, showed up, as his wont, to run on the coldest day. It is like he is on an anti-hibernating cycle ๐Ÿ™‚ Arup made an unannounced appearance too. The ever dependable Sanjib was there to round up the team of four crazy guys.

Hot cup of coffee never tasted this good before!!!


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