23 February 2015

Sunday evening with a lovely couple

Somya and Sridhar joined us at our Sunday night watering hole. Great time with one of the loveliest couple we know.
As an aside, the Oscars were on the TV. I have not seen much of a movie in almost three decades. So the game was every time I could name somebody on the stage, we would have to drink a round of shots.
Sadly, the bar did not sell a single shot at our table this evening 🙂 The closest I got was calling J Lo, Angelina Jolie. And I say “close” because you know both names had a “j”, “l”, “o”…. 🙂


Posted February 23, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Our Friends


  1. By Al Blake on

    Rajib Roy I would call you hopelessly out of touch except I am even worse…I didn’t even know the Oscars were on until people started posting about them 😀


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