15 February 2015

Was there a India-Pakistan cricket match somewhere? :-)

Nobody other than Sanjib showed up for our run. I came dangerously close to be the only fool out there 🙂

Fortunately for the others, it was not as cold as it was predicted. Unfortunately for us, it was even colder !! 19 degrees F, 9 with windchill!
(I am shaking too hard to use the calculator on my phone to convert to Centigrade right now) 🙂

We two took advantage of the near desolate trails and instead of our usual 5K, put in a 8K run.

For the curious, the relentless wind in the severe cold weather did not beat me black and blue. I was dressed up that way for the run 🙂 As my dear friends from South India would have said “What to do? We are like that only” 🙂


Posted February 15, 2015 by Rajib Roy in category "Running

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