12 February 2015

Somebody got a strong cup of coffee?

I froze in panic as I stared at the empty trunk of my car. The euphoria of finding a very convenient spot in the airport parking lot – literally next to the entry doors – was extremely short lived. As it happens so often during panic mode, my mind went through a whirlwind of thoughts and images over the next few seconds…

For a fraction of a second, I entertained the thought of going back home but promptly ditched it at the first thought of traffic clogged Atlanta roads during office time.

“Can I manage by buying clothes at my destination?”
“Depends upon where I am going and how much time I have”, I logically reasoned to myself.

“Speaking of which, where I am I going?” [That was the first bright thought I had this morning]
“WAIT A MINUTE. Where am I going? Why am I at the airport?”

A few nanoseconds of blanking out. And then I realized that I was in the wrong place!!

I had a breakfast meeting at a hotel near the airport!!! I was not supposed to be at the airport at all!! (at least that explained why I did not have a suitcase).

It turns out that I had put my car and my mind in autopilot mode while driving to meet an executive at a hotel near the airport. I was so lost in my thoughts that I simply followed my every week pattern and showed up inside the airport parking lot!!!

“Now I am going to be late for the breakfast meeting and I am behind on coffee”, I thought as I got back into the car.

It sure beat missing a suitcase on a trip though πŸ™‚

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  1. By Bob Hart on

    Never done that, but I have driven to my old house when returning from a trip. Luckily, I realized my mistake as I was pulling in the driveway and, near as I can tell, the occupants didn’t notice .. at least they didn’t come out screaming or call the police πŸ™‚

  2. By David Stegall on

    I actually did that once myself. Left the bag sitting behind the car when I drove out. Had the exact same feeling when I opened the trunk. My wife shipped it to me at my destination.

  3. By Tom Shen on

    Rajib Roy, this is serious!!!…go see a doctor, it is the second key indicator of senility!!!…I don’t remember the first…LOL

  4. By Sourav Ray on

    … and Rajib – you were late for the breakfast yet you took the time to pen your thoughts? Such dedication to FB posts …!

  5. By Vijay Ramchandran on

    haven’t done that, but once I thought my car was stolen after I returned from a trip and even reported it to the police, only to realize that I had parked it at the airport; completely forgot, took a cab back and freaked out when my car wasn’t home

  6. By Pramod Chowbey on

    Rajib Roy don’t worry you are not alone. I have done this myself not once but three times and each time received a lecture from my mom that I didn’t learn to pay attention at school. I am just wondering what will be her reaction if she ever gets to know my school friend also did the same.

  7. By Hiren Desai on

    Rajib – in all these years of my travel I did something last week landing in Mumbai never done before – it was BUS gate – I grabbed my laptop bag and boarded the bus – when we got off the bus at the arrivals I froze in panic – I forgot my carry-on roller bag in the flight ! I had to get back to the plane in the same bus – got the bag and returned this time with the crew ! First sign ever of Age catching up on my travel-enthu ! …the only saving grace was the bag had been kept in business class due to space limitation !! Still embarrassing yaar !

  8. By Sanjay Pal on

    Ha ha. This one tops all your posts. And hits close to home for anyone who travels so much that many steps are auto pilot mode.

    I once reached an airport in india without tickets. This was before the days of e tickets and smartphones.had to go back to the hotel and find them. Made the flight with minutes to spare


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