18 January 2015

India trip – second goal

If my dad is able to overcome his emotional baggage (I will know in another 36 hours or so), my second goal is to see if I can push my luck some more. He has had a similar emotional reaction to our numerous proposals to visit Durgapur with us. This is where he spent 50+ years of his life, two of his kids were born here and he left this place to go live near my sister about 3 years back. But he made the move because he realized that he needed help himself – let alone he being able to help my mom.

But he never wanted to get out of Durgapur. In fact, he is still very emotional that they had to sell the house they lived in for 17 years before the move.

The idea is the following: if we really succeed in actually getting him to see his birthplace, his ability to conquer his emotional baggage might just propel him to take another one on barely an hour and a half of car drive away.

My brother and I have already made hotel bookings in Durgapur in case he wants to make that adventure.

And to top it off, if we can pull Durgapur off, for sure, I will make sure my parents get to see the mom of my first friend in life – Moniruddin (alias Khokon) (remember, how I found him after nearly forty years of search and went to visit his mom?). My mom and she remember each other fondly and have talked over the phone in the past year too. They getting to see each other would absolutely be the icing on the cake for this trip of mine!

I just can’t wait to land in India. Speaking of which, I am still stuck in DC tarmac on a much delayed Emirates flight đŸ™‚

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    Sri Ganesh, I will read it. From the title of the book though I think I have an idea of what the core message might be.


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