12 January 2015

“Naam Gum Jayega”

Sunday evening. Usually it is time for Sharmila and myself to make a beeline to our usual watering hole. Today, we decided to stay in and listen to songs by Sharmila’s all time favorite singer – Bhupinder Singh. Great evening.

One of the songs perhaps captured our feelings from tomorrow morning…The words are by the immortal Gulzaar…

“Waqt ki sitam, kam haseen nahin
Aaj hai yahaan, kal kahin nahin
Waqt se phare agar mil gaye kahin

Jo guzar gayee kal ki baat thi
Umr to nahin ek raat thi
Raat ka silaa agar phir miley kahin”

There is always a danger of translating from a language that is not my mother tongue… But here is my shot…

“The vagaries caused by time, in some ways can be also very beautiful
For today we are here and then nowhere to be found tomorrow
If only we could meet on the other side of time….

Whatever has happened, is a story of the past
It was just a night, not our whole life
If only last night could repeat itself, some other time, somewhere else”


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