7 January 2015

Likh diya is dwar pe!!

This one is by the Pakistani poet Qateel Shifai from the previous century who started his career, of all things, as an unsuccessful businessperson in sporting goods 🙂

This poem (actually I have quoted only part of the poem) can be interpreted as complaining about the then puritan society or the lady herself. I came across this poem because of the adoption of the same as a qawwali by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

“Likh Diya Apne Dwar Pe Kisi Ne
Is Jagah Pyaar Karna Manaa Hai
Pyaar Agar Ho Bhi Jaaye Kisi Ko
Iska Izhaar Karna Manaa Hai

… … …

Hum Ne Ki Arz Ay Banda Parwar
Kyun Sitam Dhaa Rahay Ho Yeh Hum Par
Baat Sun Kar Hamari Woh Boley
Humse Taqraar Karna Mana Hai”

I have tried the translation here assuming the complaint is about the lady herself.

It is as if somebody has inscribed on my door that,
Falling in love here is strictly prohibited
And, should one fall in love in spite of that
Expression of that is surely completely forbidden

… … …

When I question for the sake of humanity
Why inflict so much torture on me?
After listening to me patiently, she replies
“Protesting against me is also forbidden”

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    Baisakhi, correcting translations is also strictly forbidden 😉 Actually “arguing” carries the transliteration of “taqraar” here better. Thanks 🙂


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