3 January 2015

Saqiya Aur Pila

Not sure of the original poet. There are many renditions of this but my favorite is the one by the Sabri Brothers.

“Yay mai ishq hai, pila-ey jah
Do piyale bhar ke de
Saqi mein gulfaam ke, ek apni naam ke
Aur ek Allah ke naam ke
Mita de poori tamanna is dil-e-nakaam ke

Dey dey dey dey dard do mein soorat koi araam ke
Ek ghoont hi pilwaa, magar, josh-e-tamanna daal kar
Ek katra dey, magar katray mein daryia daal kar
Ey saqi tere kher, tere maikade ke kher
Aisi pila ke jish ka nashaa, umr bhar rahey”

My transliterations are not as good as my translations. Urdu, is certainly not my forte. But here is a shot… First, let me explain a few words –
“Saqi” is the lady who serves the “mai” (wine) and often accompanies the customer for a drink in the “maikade” (wine bar)

“This drink is that of love, keep on serving
Fill me up two glasses, if you please
One in your name, O rose-cheeked “Saqi”
And one in the Almighty’s name
(And in that way) Wipe out all the desires of this unfulfilled heart.

Give me some more pain in the guise of comfort
Give me even one sip to drink – but put in it some strong desire
Give me just one drop, but pour a river in that drop
O “Saqi” you be blessed, your “maikade” be blessed
Get me drunk tonight in a way that the intoxication will last me a lifetime”

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