27 December 2014

First evening with Sharmila gone…

Reminds me of a few words of a ghazal sung by the inimitable Bhupinder Singh that had captivated me during my college years. The words are from the poem “Karoge yaad to” written by Bashar Nawaz (don’t hold me to the poet’s name…). I believe this was incorporated in a Hindi movie – but being a guy who has shunned movies most of his life, I have no idea which one it was…

“Gali ke mod pe suna sa koi darwaaza,
Tarasti aankhon se raasta kisi ka dekhegaa
Nigaah dur talak jaakey laut aayegi”

It is one of the most haunting tunes ever. Roughly translated, it means…

“At the turn of the alley, there is this lonely door
It waits with yearning eyes, perhaps for someone to come back
(Right now) Its sights go all the way to the end of the alley and come back (without any success)”

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  1. By Rajib Roy on

    agreed on the lovely gazal part. “must watch” movie part, I am not in a hurry to break a long tradition, Rupa 🙂

  2. By Rupa Bamba on

    ☺OK – don’t watch the movie but do listen to the sound track . I bet you will like “Dekh lo aaj humko jee bhar ke”

  3. By Renu Devi on

    That’s right! Rajib Roy major parts of the movie were shot on our farmhouse including 2 songs and several sequences right outside our home. Interesting tidbit that I recall from my observations and brief conversations with Naseerudin Shah, smita patil, farouque sheikh – Farouque was the most humble, outgoing and appreciative of the lot; smita patil was openly contemptuous of big Bollywood and supriya wasn’t social at all!

  4. By Anuradha Malik Suri on

    Rajib Roy the words and the song is beautiful ..it goes …karoge yaad to har baat yaad aaaayegi..it has a very haunting melody..and yes the movie is a MUSt watch

  5. By Rajib Roy on

    Renu and Raghu , that is absolutely fascinating!! Is the farmhouse still there? BTW, Renu, I have no idea who those actors are except Naseerudin – I have heard his name before.


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