16 December 2014

MIL-FIL Mehfil: An eye for an eye

Remember all those fun experiences when my in-laws were visiting us? And the recent funny realization of how wise my FIL is in not giving into my MIL’s demand for a new TV (and instead get her cataract removed? ๐Ÿ™‚ )
Well, there was another mini-episode yesterday. I called up my FIL last morning regarding some paperwork related to his accident and surgery while in US. He seemed audibly upset over the phone. I asked him if he was distracted with something.
“I am not sure if it was such a great thing to get your masi’s (that is what I call my MIL) cataract removed”. he said.
“Why?”, I asked, worried that there might have been some post-op complications. Which would be terrible since her other eye is non-functional from a very early age.
“Well, because of that, I am getting yelled at the whole day”, he somberly replied. I had no idea why would somebody yell at him for getting the cataract removed.
This is what I learnt as I pressed him on. Evidently, my mother in law can see crystal clear – so to speak – that everything in the house is NOT being put back in their right places after he uses them. She can now clearly spot the cobwebs on the wall and the dust spots on the floor. All those days of making short shrift of house cleaning has come to a screeching halt for my FIL and the housemaid. Hence all the yelling…
Barely able to conceal my laughter and then wisening up, I enquired “At what age do you get cataract?”.
“Oh! Seventy or so”, he said.
“Twenty five more years…”, I mused to myself as I subtracted Sharmila’s age and put my phone down ๐Ÿ™‚

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