12 December 2014

How difficult can this be?

I was driving back home from Atlanta airport last evening. The office traffic had not picked up yet and so I was speeding thru. As I switched from I85N to GA400 N, I found myself behind this vehicle which had an ad painted all over its back proclaiming “AAA batteries delivered and installed”. (I could not take a picture since I was driving but I Googled at home and sure enough there was a picture of a similar vehicle available on the internet).

I was really confused. How fat and lazy have we become in this country that we need help to put in those small – less than one inch – batteries in our TV remotes and flash lights? We need service for that? And there are businesses surviving trying to offer that service? Evidently, they are making enough money to buy a truck!

A few minutes later, I passed the truck and was trying to see how the driver (presumably owner of the business; I did not think this could be that big of a business to support multiple employees) looked. And that is when I saw the large, iconic, immediately recognizable, red “AAA” (Automobile Association of America”) logo brightly painted on the door. Of course, this was a AAA truck trying to sell and deliver car batteries to roadside people stuck with dead batteries.

Why they would not put the “AAA” logo behind – or better still use the logo instead of writing out the letters “AAA” in the sentence starting “AAA batteries”, I do not know.

In any case, sanity returned. We are not that fat and lazy in this country, I concluded – as I put the car in cruise control mode and sipped my double caramel frappuccino loaded with whipped cream that I had picked up from the airport Starbucks đŸ™‚


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