11 December 2014

I guess I have reached that stage of life…

In two days, I learnt about the passing away of the dad of a dear friend of mine from first grade and then the young wife of somebody that I was introduced to barely months back.

There is something about death that absolutely stops me in my track. Not sure whether it is the finality of it all or the incredible mystery of the unknown or the the fear of the inevitable… But I do realize that as the years roll by, that finality is touching more and more people I know around me.

And I have always wondered what learnings should I derive from that understanding of finality.

There is a old poem that I had once read and written down, but never quite figured out with authority who penned those words….

In any case, the words went thusly…

Do less thinking,
And pay more attention to your heart
Do less acquiring,
And pay more attention to what you already have

Do less complaining,
And pay more attention to giving
Do less controlling,
And pay more attention to letting go

Do less criticizing,
And pay more attention to complimenting
Do less arguing,
And pay more attention to forgiveness

Do less running around,
And pay more attention to stillness
Do less talking,
And pay more attention to silence.

Certainly, by that above yardstick, I need somebody to postpone my death by a long time!!!!

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  1. By Bhaskar Ramanasundaram on

    Rajib…I guess we are all at the same stage in life….being around the same age….Past two months have been challenging…losing a friend…and two neighbors (one which was expected)…indeed we need to focus on things that matter ! …

  2. By Amrita Bhattacharyya on

    Love this, Rajib Roy. Learnt about the demise of a dear friend who I went to law school with just yesterday. Would’ve probably followed some of the actions in the poem, but it is too late…

  3. By Hal Boyd on

    Great reminder.
    Life is short.
    Tomorrow is not certain.
    Carpe Diem!
    Life has no dress rehearsal–one time around the track and not all will get a full lap.

  4. By Debasish Chakraborty on

    As we near the half century mark,we develop some serious thoughts. This happens more ,especially during the middle of the night, when the whole world is asleep and we do some introspection. this exercise is healing as it calms our mind. After all we have something to keep us going,however insignificant it may sound to be. Cheers!!!!!


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