7 December 2014

From the bartender’s corner – Palm Breeze

There is a story behind this drink. Remember the front desk lady, Margaret, in our Lexington office who I had walked up to sheepishly and requested that the reserved parking sign for the CEO be taken down? (http://www.rajibroy.com/?p=5826) Well, last week when I was in Lexington, she came up to me and gave me – what looked like a gift magazine with the picture of a model showing off nice clothes, watches etc. In my mind, I was going “I don’t think Sharmila needs any more ideas” 🙂

In any case, she flipped to a page that she had put a post-it note on as a marker and it had a couple of cocktail recipes. As I read that page, I realized that there is an organization called “The Bourbon Woman Organization” (www.bourbonwomen.org). They host an annual bourbon cocktail contest called “Not your Pink Drink” and there are two awards – one for the best original cocktail by a professional and one similarly for an amateur.

Last year (2013) Marla Zimmerman from Louisville, KY was the Amateur Winner for this drink. I promised Margaret that, for her thoughtfulness, I will make both those cocktails in the next couple of weeks.

Christened Palm Breeze, it has Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon, Peychaud’s bitters, Splenda, orange slice, grapefruit slice, lemon slice and club soda.


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