6 December 2014

TV or not TV, that is the question!!

You probably remember my inlaws’ trip to Atlanta and some of the hilarious stories. Here is one more from today…

The backdrop of this story is that for quite some time, my MIL had been complaining to my FIL that she needed a new TV. I thought that was totally justified since their current TV, as I recollected, was a very old one – one of those old CRT based, really fat, at best 19 inch – if not smaller, TV. In Atlanta too, she was telling him that she wanted a new TV since the old one was not working much any more. I even put in some ideas to my FIL that he should look at flat screen, thin TVs and all that. I educated him on Plasma TVs, LED TVs and such. He did not seem to be much interested in that idea at all.
This morning, I overheard Sharmila talking to her mom and you could hear over the phone that there was a palpable excitement in my MIL’s voice about the clarity of the TV screen. Sharmila was seemingly laughing aloud too. I figured my FIL finally caved in and got a new TV. The geek that I am, my basic curiosity was of course, to find out whether she got a Plasma or some other modern technology TV. As soon as Sharmila was done with the call, I asked her “What did she get?”
Sharmila replied nonchalantly,  “She got her cataract removed yesterday”!!!!
My father in law is a very wise man! 🙂

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  1. By Sibapriya Dasgupta on

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! Still I am wondering whether this actually happened because the naughty you is always making fun at the expense of yourself or your ILs and the rest I”all tell you later!


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