24 November 2014

Nikispeak …

Finally, some one on one time with ten year old Niki over lunch. Some samples of the conversation will prove why I look forward to these one on one times…

Me: What’s top of your wish list in life?
She: Getting a monthly allowance.
Me: Sure. We can talk about it. We just need to decide what I am not going to pay anymore for and what is your budget. You do need to keep track of expenses.
She: Hmmm…. Sounds like a lot of work. Let’s keep the current arrangement where you pay without any upper limit….


Me: So, any cute boys in school?
She: Naaah!
Me: How come?
She: I am still in the cootie stage!


She: So, Dad, did you buy mama any gift for her birthday yet?
Me: No. Why?
She: I was hoping to write my name also on your gift!!! I have no allowance money!!!


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  1. By Al Blake on

    You had better hope her intellect has peaked or you are REALLY going to be in trouble in a couple of years 😀


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