18 November 2014

The guy who taught me to think independently….

One of the best things about business meetings in Dallas is that I get to create intersection points with so many people that had crossed my path in the long past. The first one started with a guy I met on June 3rd, 1991 in the training room of COSL in SEEPZ in Mumbai – about two and a half decades back.

It was magical to get back in touch with a guy I had not met in many many years and is certainly the most creative person I have ever had a chance to know.

Aditya Garg!!!

Not sure where to start….

Maybe the fact how he was so meticulous and organized in everything he did? When, in those days, we cared very little about how crumpled our office clothes were, Aditya would invariably be found ironing in shirt before we left our flat to catch the office bus.

Or maybe that his flair for creativity rubbed off on me for a long time? If you have ever invited me to your house for dinner or lunch after 2005, you probably also remember the meticulously written Thank You letter written in a fountain pen with calligraphic nib on a monogrammed paper that you received in your snail mail. Well, Aditya was the guy who taught me calligraphy. He is the guy who taught me how to make calligraphic nibs.

You see, unlike in US, we could not simply walk up to a store in India and get the six pack Sheaffer calligraphic nib set. He taught me how to buy normal nibs and then patiently rub on a sandpaper and then rub even more smoothly on concrete to smooth out a hopefully-now-flat nib. He taught me how to make the two types of calligraphic nibs – flat and 45 degrees.

He was also the engineer par excellence. He had devised this lamp shade that was balanced by hooks in four corners of the room with four varying weights. Here is the marvel – you could place the lamp anywhere in the three dimensional space of the room and it would balance itself there for as long as you wanted!

Even to this day, he has not lost his zest for independence in thinking and deciding what is best for him – regardless of what the world thought. That, I mused this evening, looking at him, has to be the ultimate recipe for success in this world.

I gotta to meet him and learn from him more….


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  1. By Kihtrak Srin on

    Feel good that you guys could meet and reinvigorate old passions. His alarm clock contraption before radio or tape recorder alarm was popular in India is still a gem. Woke up to a different song everyday!

  2. By Hari Sury on

    I distinctly remember a simple, elegant rendition of the Citi logo pasted on his office board. An oval piece of paper with two cuts like a plus sign and the flaps slightly raised.


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