8 November 2014

This one is dedicated to the pursuers of the OH-molecule…

Poem was originally written by the twentieth century poet Abdul Hameed Adam. Born in undivided India, he moved to Iraq, married an Iraqi girl, moved back to India and was eventually transferred (he had a military job) to Pakistan during the separation of India. Died when I was in my ninth grade.

The poet is urging his unwilling partner to indulge in drinking…. quoting a few lines of the poem only…

fasl-e-gul hai sharaab pii leejiye
zid na keejiye janaab pii leejiye
aage chal kar hisaab honaa hai
is liye be-hisaab pii leejiye
jo piye chhup ke vo munaafiq hai
be-takalluf sharaab pii leejiye

dil kaa shiisha hai aur khuluus ki mai
ab to aalii-janaab pii leejiye

Roughly translated…

’tis the season of blooming flowers, ’tis the season of drinking wine
Do not try to be stubborn, go ahead and have a glass of wine

Someday in future, on our day of reckoning, we all have to account for everything
Today, therefore, is the day to drink without keeping any accounts

(S)he who drinks on the sly, is a total hypocrite
Therefore, you should drink without giving it a second thought

If our heart is of glass, then faith is the wine in that glass
Keeping that faith, now you need to drink with me

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