17 October 2014

Forgot who the original poet was…

This has been morphed and modified multiple times over the decades. It is part of the qawwali “Yeh jo halka halka” made memorable by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan’s rendition

“Main ne un ke saamne awwal ka khanjar rakh diya
Phir kaleja rakh diya,
Dil rakh diya,
Sar rakh diya,
Aur arz kiya ke:
Ab mere baad kisko sataaogey?
Mujhe kis tarha se mitaaogey?
Kahan jaa ke teer chalaaogey?
Meri dosti ki balaayen lo
Mujhe haath utha kar duaaein do
Ke tumhein ek kaatil bana diya”

Very rough translation:

In front of her, I first laid down the dagger
Then I laid down my heart
Then my soul
Finally I laid down my head
And asked:

Now, who are you going to torture after me?
How are you going to take me out of your life?
Where will you go to aim your arrows of glances?

Someday you will value my friendship
And lift your arms in thankfulness
That because of me you became the most charming killer.

(the last line might be alternatively interpreted to refer to her killer instincts)

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